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My Kids Dentist Review

A few years back I took our 2 older kids to a dentist in Hemet and was very disappointed. So, this time around I decided to look online to find a dentist. I was pleased with the reviews I read about My Kids Dentist and decided to give them a try. My husband and I took our 2 younger kids to My Kids Dentist in San Jacinto, CA. I have to say that our experience with them was very extraordinary. From the time of making the appointment to the end of the visit was very pleasing. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and customer service was an A++.

My Kids Dentist in San Jacinto specializes in kids dental care. They are located at 1821 S San Jacinto Ave. Ste D between Game Stop and AT&T. My Kids Dentist has been in our city of San Jacinto since May 2008 and is owned by John N.

When I called to make the appointment I was surprised at how calm, soft spoken, patient and most of all, how welcoming the receptionist sounded. The best part was sending me an email to fill out the paper work online so I didn’t have to do that when we went in. In the waiting room there is a TV and a PlayStation video game system to keep the kids occupied while they wait. I was pleased with how the office, bathroom and dental rooms were clean. Oh, and let’s not forget the TV in the dental room so the kids can watch a cartoon while they are getting their teeth worked on. I am sure this makes them relaxed and takes their attention off of what is being done on their teeth. I know, I felt relaxed and that our kids was in good hands.

I found My Kids Dentist to be a very pleasing experience and I will definitely be taking our kids back. I recommend that you give them a call today (951)654-7883 or visit www.mykidsdentistonline.com today!

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