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How To Clean Stainless Steel Pan Naturally

In this video I show you how to clean your stainless steel pan easily and naturally!


Hi everyone this is dyamondrose and I’m back. I’m here to share with you tonight how to clean stainless steel pan naturally.  If you can see me. I use cream of tartar and vinegar. So, I’m gonna show you how I clean my stainless steel pot naturally and you don’t have to use Bar Keepers Friend.  Ok, so I’m using cream of tartar to clean my stainless steel pot.  Cream of tartar and vinegar, just straight vinegar.  So, I already sprayed some vinegar in here and now I’m gonna sprinkle some cream of tartar in here.  I am gonna show you how I can get it cleaned up.   And if you hear someone in the background, that’s my husband talking.  He’s doing a tutorial right now for, am Unity.  He teaches advanced Unity tutorials to developers.  Here we go, see how easy it comes out?  And what I am using is cream of tartar.  If you see this over here is usually a problem, where it always stays on the pot after you wash it off.  So, I’m gonna show you how I get it off.  

crochet nylon dish scrubbies

So, you just have to scrub it off.  Maybe I need some more vinegar to spray on this side since I didn’t get it on.  Get the cream of tartar on here.  Usually it’s not so hard to get this off, but I just used this.  It’s probably still a little bit warm on here.  As you can see I got this part here, off.  Usually you don’t have to do so much scrubbing.  And if you can see, I am getting it off.  And there you go.  You got your stainless steel looking shiny after you rinse it off of course.  So, I just wanted to show you guys what I use to get my stainless steel back to it’s shiny stainless steel shine.  I’m using cream of tartar and just plain old white vinegar.  So, cream of tartar is expensive, especially this one right here.  As you can see I got the name brand one because that’s what they had at the store.  It’s McCormick.  But if you can find a cheaper brand, I’m sure they work the same way.  So, just giving you some tips on how you can get your stainless steel back to shining without using any other harsh chemicals or Bar Keepers Friend. You can just use cream of tartar and vinegar.   

So, hope you like this scope.  This scrubby that I’m using right now is one I made.  You can find it on my store at etsy.com/shop/dyamondrose. I sell these and they work pretty good and they last a long time.  If they’re dirty you just put them in the wash.  Wash’em, reuse them again and they last for at least three months if not more than that.  They’re very durable and I like these.  These are all I use right now.  I used to use Scotch Brite.  I have been using these for many, many years.  At least 2 years or more.  So, once again my name is Rosie Cooper I’m a stay at home mom of four.  You can get my crochet nylon dish scrubbies on etsy.com/shop/dyamondrose.

Thank you for joining me today and this is my little tip for today on how to get the oil and grease out of your stainless steel pan using just cream of tartar and white vinegar instead of Bar Keepers Friend.  Thank you and have a wonderful night!


Crochet Nylon Dish Scrubbies

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