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BestBuy Cell Phone Insurance Review

We got the BestBuy insurance plan when we purchased phones for my husband and daughter. Today, February 19, 2012 my husband and I went to BestBuy to exchange his phone for a new one because the speaker on the phone makes a rattling noise when he uses the speaker phone or listens to music. We were told when we were purchasing the phones that if something goes wrong with the phones bring them back to the store for a replacement. Now today, he was told that in order to get a replacement phone, he will have to give them his phone, pay $50 for a phone for him to use in the meantime and wait 3 days before getting his replacement. Always read the fine print I guess. What kind of business is that?!! He was so upset, but he held his composure and we left the store with his rattling phone. BestBuy you have lost a customer!! Here are some of our PAST BestBuy purchases: Xbox(s) and other game consoles; computer hardware and software; cell phones and plan; skittles, my husband likes candy. ATT insurance to replace a phone is so easy! There is no hassle! You make the call, they send you a replacement and you just send them the damaged phone after receiving the replacement! How simple is that?!!

I have read some reviews on BestBuy’s phone insurance and I wish we had done our research first; it would have saved us time and stress. I am writing this in hopes that consumers know what is what. What they tell you when purchasing the phone is not what happens when you actually act on getting your replacement phone. BestBuy, your phone insurance plan needs some serious work. What ever happened to the customer is always right or a concept that seems long forgotten, customer service? Don’t you want that customer to come back and bring friends and family to your business or are you to big to care?

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