How To Crochet A Magic Circle/Crochet Magic Ring Tutorial

I like using the magic circle whenever I am making hats because you get to close the circle completely without it having a hole.  To me it looks so much better.  Learn how to crochet a magic circle to make your finished crochet in the round project look well done.

Steps How To Crochet A Magic Circle

1.)  Wrap yarn around your finger or fingers.  Depends on how many stitiches I am starting with I will use one to two fingers.

2.)  Put your hook through the circle.

3.)  Pull your yarn through the center of the circle.

4.)  Yarn over and pull your yarn through the loop.  If starting a double crochet, I count that first stitch as one, then add one more chain for a double crochet.

5.)  Continue to add your stitches to your magic circle.  When you reach desired amount of stitches, pull to close the ring.



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