How I Earn Extra Money Online

Are you looking for ways to earn some extra money online? I am going to share with you a few sites that I have stayed with over the years. I have stayed with these sites because I find it easy to earn some extra cash with them. If you have some TIME, and that’s all it takes, some time to burn while your surfing the web, then these are some good places to start. Now this is not a lot of money but every little bit helps. It’s a good way to save on those credit card bills by not using your credit cards. I use my gift cards on Amazon every month and put some of the cash in my PayPal account to pay for our Netflix subscription and other services.


Swagbucks is my new #1. I am on here every day. I try to make at least $2.50/day which equates to $75/month in gift cards. I am going to be honest and say sometimes to earn that $2.50/day can be long and tedious, but there are also days when you can easily make $5/day. I only do the free activities but there are lots of other things you can do. You can read more about Swagbucks and signup.

Pincone Research

With Pincone Research you get paid to take surveys and also when you test a product. I stuck with them because every time they send you a survey via email and you complete the survey you get paid $3. I don’t have to wonder if I am going to qualify for that survey. Once they send you that survey you are already qualified. I make about $12/month paid via PayPal. Read more about Pinecone Reasearch and signup.

Bing Rewards

With Bing Rewards you earn up to 15 points/day for searches if you are silver status and up to 20 points/day if you are gold status. You can convert your points to gift cards once you reach the reward amount. I just set some time to do my searches with Bing and Swagbucks at the same time, just copy and paste, as they say, kill two birds with one stone. Read more about Bing and sinup.

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