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Netflix Review

Netflix was founded in 1997 and is the leader in internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV shows. You can stream instantly on your computer, xbox 360, ps3, macs, smart phones, television and more. Their corporate headquarters are located in Los Gatos, CA, USA.

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You can cancel anytime with no hassle. A few years ago we canceled our membership and it was painless. We have always wanted to start our membership again and finally did. My family and I love Netflix! We use Netflix everyday. My 3 year old and 6 year old have no problem navigating it to watch their favorite cartoons. They jump on the xbox 360 go to their xbox account, choose Netflix and find their cartoons. Streaming over the internet is unlimited which is good. You get to watch what you want, when you want and as much as you want!


So, what don’t I like about Netflix? Well there isn’t much that I dislike. It would be nice if you can watch movies on more than one device at the same time. For instance my family is big. The babies are watching their cartoons in the living room and hubby on xbox 360. That means no one else can use their smartphone or computer to watch a movie. Someone usually have to wait. So, maybe offering unlimited watch at the same time would be good. It’s the sign of the times. We are not just limited to the TV and couch.


You get unlimited TV shows and movies streaming over the internet to your TV, Smartphone, computer and more for only $7.99 a month. There are never any commercials and you can pause and resume watching when you are ready. Also, for $7.99 more a month you can add DVD’s by mail. You can only have one DVD out at a time but it is unlimited as to how many you watch for the month. So, you get your DVD watch it, send it off when you are done and your next movie on the list will be sent to you once they receive the DVD that was out. There are never any late fees or due dates! How cool is that?!! Also, for and additional $2 a month added to your account, you can add access to Blue-ray disc.

Free Trial

When you click on start membership during the registration process your 1 month free trial begins. This free trial offer is only for new member and certain former members. Take a look at Netflix Terms of Use for membership details. Go ahead, try Netflix today!! We do enjoy this service.

How Much is Netflix?

You have 3 streaming plan choices:

  1. Watch on 1 screen at a time in standard definition for $7.99/month
  2. Watch on 2 screens at a time in HD for $7.99/month
  3. Watch on 4 screens at a time in HD or Ultra HD for $11.99/month

DVD or Blur Ray Plan

  1. 1 disc out at a time DVD  $7.99    Blue Ray  $9.99
  2. 2 disc out at a time DVD $11.99   Blue Ray  $14.99
  3. 3 disc out at a time DVD $15.99   Blue Ray $19.99
  4. Limited plan 2 disc a month, but only 1 disc out at a time. DVD $4.99  Blue Ray $5.99
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DriveTime Review

Okay, I am so pissed with DriveTime right now! I have been saying I will write a review on DriveTime for months now and I am finally doing it. DriveTime called again today and I finally picked up the phone to see if they would help us by giving us a deferment on our loan. I was told that they would not give us a deferment. I have to first tell them that we would not once again fall back on not paying the said bi-weekly amount in full. I told the lady I can not and will not make that promise. That is a promise I don’t think we can keep. I do not make promises just to make promises. I told her the deferment would help us right now. Why wouldn’t DriveTime give us a deferment to help us keep our car until we can catch back up in a few months? DriveTime is making it so hard and difficult on us and I am sure with a lot more people.

Getting The Loan

When we went in to see if we could get a loan, we were happy when they said yes. Something inside me told me to wait and check around, but with our credit we thought we wouldn’t get a loan and we needed a car right away. We came with cash, ready to get the car. They did the paper work and told us to see which one we wanted. I chose the vehicle, took it for a test drive, then went back to the office to complete the paperwork. We had to put in 100 or 200 dollars extra but we drove home with the car that night. We were happy!

Collection Efforts

We make our payment bi-weekly because that’s the time we agreed upon. Once you miss a payment, they would call you up the next day and would not stop calling. If you happen to fall behind two or more payments they will not stop calling until you bring your payments current. I have gotten to the point where I do not pick up the phone because they will not work with you. It’s you have to make the payments you are behind or else. To keep my stress level down I just ignore their calls. They say they will work with you and when you speak to them all they say is we want you to make a payment now. I don’t get how they are helping by doing this. Things are tough right now, I’m sure they can see that. Before we have been making our payments on time, but now have fallen behind. Oh, and heads up. A few times a year you get and extra check in the month, if they ask you to agree to pay them when you get that check too say no. That is the deal breaker right there. I wish we had thought ahead of time. That check would help to catch up, but if they expect that check too, you are screwed. They say, oh, it will look good on your credit report when you make that extra payment. Yes, but if you have to be bound to doing it and then getting penalized because you can’t make that payment you agreed to make, I say don’t do it. I would not refer a friend or family to DriveTime. I don’t care how much DriveTime pays with their referral program. The peace is much more valuable to me than the money DriveTime offers per referral.

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