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Reduce Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

How I Reduced My Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

I am posting this because I would like to share this with other women who are looking for some solution to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding or who didn’t even know about this.  If you are looking for ways to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding, shorten your periods, or reduce clots, then check this out.  I did some research and decided to give it a try.  I figured that organic molasses is good for you so why not give it a try.

I started using organic unsulphured molasses in my coffee (make sure it’s unsulphured) every day about 6 months ago to see what changes it would have on my periods.  I have to say that I like, no love the results.

Disclaimer:  First off, let me say that I am not a doctor.  Please take what you read with a grain of salt.  Do your homework, consult your healthcare provider.

Before I started using organic unsulphured molasses, I had heavy menstrual bleeding which lasted 7 days, sometimes more.  I don’t know about you, but I hate having periods and can’t wait for the week to be over.

Now my period last about 5 days.  The first day is light.  The second day is heavy flow but I notice that I do not have a lot of clots any more.  By the third day it is starting to flow light.  Starting on the fourth day it is light enough that I can use a panty liner.

What is Molasses?

Molasses as defined is the viscous by-product of the refining of sugar cane of sugar beets into sugar.

Molasses is the dark, sweet syrup that is left over after crystallization.

How Much?

I use molasses in my coffee every day to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding.  I have one cup of coffee a day.  I used to have at least 2-3 cups of coffee a day, without the molasses, but since going on my healthy eating quest I have cut back on coffee, sugar, salt etc.  To reduce heavy menstrual bleeding, I use 2tsp of blackstrap molasses on days that I am not on my period and 1tbsp of blackstrap molasses when I’m on my period.

What Kind to Use

I use Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Molasses Unsulphured brand to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding.  I find that when I use the Grandma’s brand I don’t get as good results as I would with this brand.  Looking at the nutrition facts on both I see that the Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Molasses Unsulphured brand has more potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium than the Grandma’s brand, way more per serving.

Where To Buy Blackstrap Molasses

I get the Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Molasses Unsulphured brand at my local Sprout store.  If you can’t find this brand at your local whole foods store you can order it on Amazon.


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Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

There are many benefits of drinking lemon water. I am going to talk about three of them here.

Pitcher of water with lemon slices Royalty Free Stock Images

Skin– Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which is needed to grow and repair the tissues in our body. So that being said, drinking lemon water everyday will help to rejuvenate our skin from within. It can diminish winkles, blackheads, scars and age spots.

Digestion– By regularly drinking lemon water you will eliminate waste more efficiently thereby reducing constipation. Lemon water helps your liver by producing more bile which in turns help you digest your food efficiently. It is also thought to help get rid of gallstones.

Weight Loss– Lemon water increases your metabolism, so you burn more fat even if you don’t exercise much. It is high in pectin fibers which has the effect to reduce hunger. Guess what, it also has no calories so that’s a plus! So, go get your lemon water now and continue everyday and let it be the first thing you drink when you wake up!

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