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Jobs In San Jacinto, CA – Now Hiring

jobs in san jacinto Stater Bros. Now Hiring


Jobs In San Jacinto, Stater Bros. Now Hiring

So, I was at Stater Bros. yesterday to pick up some items for Friday night dinner.  I am planning on making burgers, fries, and maybe some onion rings.  I passed by some strawberries which was giving off a really good aroma.  I could not resist and bought some.  I’m so glad I did, they are sweet and delicious.  They were all gone in a few hours.  Right now, they are 2 for $5.  On my way out I noticed a hiring sign.  I was like wow, cool, this is the first time I have seen them put out a sign to let the community know that they are hiring.  So, I took a picture of the sign with information below.  If you are looking for  jobs in San Jacinto, use the link below to apply. Good Luck!  The address is 1537 S San Jacinto Ave, San Jacinto, CA 92583, located on San Jacinto and Esplanade.

Jobs from Indeed

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My Lose Belly Fat Journey

My Lose Belly Fat Journey

Hi, my name is Rosie and this is my belly fat loss journey.  Today is March 19, 2016 I have stopped my workouts once again.  My waist is at 31″.  For future reference when I start again I will like to look into Diastasis recti.  

Diastasis recti a gap between the left and right rectus abdominis muscles.  I think that is what I have.  I have been working out on and off for years but can never seem too loose the fat in this area.  And it just dawned on me to to some research for this area.  I found some videos I would like to start later on this year.  I seem to lose belly fat every where else except for this area and don’t like how it looks.  So, note to self.

I first started this because I wanted to be as healthy as I can be and get my sexy figure back.  My hubby use to call me sexy body girl!  I have high blood pressure and want to be able to get off of my meds one day.  I was watching a Dr. Oz show  and he was talking about what your waist size should be for a woman.  Your ideal waist size should be less than half of your height or less than 35 inches.  So, I proceeded to measure my waist and sure enough it was more than half my height.  I did some research online on how to lose belly fat and went the green smoothie route.  I went all in, meaning when I first started I had a green smoothie for breakfast and lunch.  I tried for dinner but couldn’t hang.  I am not that hard core!  Please note, I did not stay with the green smoothie for breakfast and lunch.  I eventually at some point only had green smoothie once a day.  I just could not resist the food. I love my food!  Oh, and the first month or so to losing the inches in my waist I was not exercising then.  I did no exerciser what so ever.  So, how did I lose belly fat?  Let me share my measurements and weight loss numbers.

Waist Size                                Weight

8/19/2012  36″                                                          8/9/2012  146lbs

10/8/2012  34″                                                         10/17/2012 142lbs

11/18/2012  33″                                                        10/27/2012  143lbs

1/3/2013  32″                                                            11/6/2012  142lbs

2/28/2013  31 1/2″                                                   11/30/2012  140lbs

4/12/2013  30″                                                          12/11/2012  139lbs

5/6/2013  31″                                                             12/19/2012  137lbs

4/6/2015  32″                                                            1/3/2013  134lbs

2/12/2013  128lbs

2/28/2013  127lbs

3/27/2013  125lbs

5/28/2013  129lbs Prego, stopped

My Exercise Chart When I Started Working Out

dyamondrose exercise chart

dyamondrose exercise chart

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