IngreedInIt! ur Shopping List App

IngreedInIt! ur Shopping List App (free for Android)

IngreedInIt was conceived in October 2012, when my husband and I noticed that we would stand there forever reading ingredient labels. So we thought that there must be an easier way and so an idea became reality. Today we offer you IngreedInIt.

If you read ingredient labels like we do, or are allergic to certain ingredients, then this is the app for you! IngreedInIt is a shopping list app that will allow you to capture the ingredient labels and easily locate any of your unwanted ingredients. IngreedInIt also makes it easy for you to create shopping lists. Add items to your list by, choosing items from your pantry, scanning, speaking, or keyboarding.

IngreedInIt! ur Shopping List App
IngreedInIt! ur Shopping List

1.) Use the camera to capture the ingredient list to highlight your unwanted ingredients.

2.) Save money by only picking up what is on your list (you will need will power here :)

3.) Never forget what you went for at the store with IngreedInIt! ur Shopping List App.

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