Pizza Hut Review

Okay, so we ordered 3 large pizzas on Wednesday February 10 at 490 N State St San Jacinto, CA. One was a vegi lovers, a pepperoni and a cheese pizza. How I love Pizza Hut’s pizzas! We haven’t ordered in a while, so that day instead of driving to Little Ceaser’s I called Pizza Hut and made an order. First, they took longer than the 45 minutes they said it would take. Then when they showed up with the pizza they were burnt and dry. Now I know they could do a better job than that. I have ordered from them many times in the past and it was finger licking good!

... Pizza Hut as the 2015 sponsor of the National Student Advertising

This is my favorite place to get pizza, if I have to choose. I was so disappointed. I feel they shouldn’t have even sent the pizzas out like that. They could have called and said they were going to make it over and we would have been fine with that and be happy customers. I mean, spending $38 on three pizzas I expected them to be as good as before. So you’re probably thinking why didn’t we return them? Well the family was hungry and the pizzas were edible just not as good and enjoyable as it could have been. We made the executive decision to eat them. I will be thinking twice before ordering from them from now on and if I do order another pizza from Pizza Hut I will be scrutinizing them before I accept the order.

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