Hulu Plus My Overall Review

Hi, well I have been using for about a year now. I love it! I get to watch the TV episodes of my favorite shows. I got rid of cable TV, haven’t had it for a year now and don’t miss it. As for Hulu Plus, my husband and I decided to give it a try because we can watch it on the xbox. I searched for shows that I would normally watch. I have already watched the recent episode so have to wait till the next episode comes out. It’s not bad, I just have to wait till the next episodes comes out just as if it was cable but cost less. So far, Hulu Plus is a plus for me. You get to watch recent shows on your gaming console, computer, tablet, and more. There are commercials but they are not as long as on cable and you get back to your show in a few seconds. Not all recent episodes are available like Nip/Tuck and Rescue Me, bummer. Comparing hulu to huluplus so far I don’t see much of a difference. As this is only my first day on Hulu Plus I will continue my review at the end of my free trial period.

Hi all, well my subscription is finished. I decided to cancel my Hulu Plus subscription. Why, you ask? Well, I still don’t see the need for the paid version and they still do not offer the shows I like. There is a waiting time for this weeks show to air on Hulu and I have no problem waiting. I do check back once a week or wait till I get an email letting me know that a new episode is ready. And to be honest, I don’t have $7.99 to throw away. I have to say thank you to Hulu for offering the free version. If one day I can watch my favorite episodes on xbox 360 or a smartphone then I will pay for Hulu Plus.

Update 2015:  I will definitely use Hulu Plus now that I can watch shows on my xbox 360 and tablet.  They also have some great shows that I like such as Empire!!  So, start your 2 week free trial.  If you don’t like it for any reason, it is very easy to cancel.


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