Here I feel at home.

     The joy of programming has been with me since the mid '80's. Then I used a commodore64, Born into BASIC. Now 2008, I'm self taught and still learning many programming languages. Under my belt are web based languages like HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, RSS and PHP. BASIC languages like DarkBASIC, Visual Basic and BlitzBASIC. From VB.NET to low level languages like C and C++. Database operations for MySql and MS Access, operations on XML with XPath and XQuery.

     Thank you for your patience in waiting for this web site to be fully functional. If you are here for the programming, you should understand that I want to program the entire site, every line of code put there by my hands ::GRINS::.

     No amount of coding seems to quench a coders thirst for programming.

Codes - Tutorials

Codes Tutorials

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